Outreach Programs

Western Suburbs Programs – Connecting Kids to Nature for Improved Health and Wellbeing

Research shows that spending time connecting in nature has many great benefits for children, helping them to cultivate mental and physical wellbeing through a felt and embodied sense of belonging to the earth and to a local place. Spending time connecting with nature can help students regulate emotions, keep their bodies fit and mindfully pay attention.

Firekeepers is a not-for-profit, incorporated organisation that aims to build nature-connected communities. Our programs support people of all ages to deepen their love for the natural world and find their place in it. In this Western Suburbs Program, funded by grants from Brimbank City Council and Vichealth and in partnership with Firekeepers, Sunshine Heights Primary School and Friends of Kororoit Creek, children were able to engage in a range of nature connection activities. Our highly trained and experienced nature connection mentors took kids on adventures – exploring the wild parts of their local parklands at Kororoit Creek. The program included:

  • Creating shelters and cubbies
  • Child-led nature play
  • Watching birds 
  • Exploring local bushland areas
  • Discussions around first peoples
  • Learning about the natural and geological history of the local area
  • Mapping and increased awareness of space
  • Playing nature awareness games 
  • Enhancing sensory awareness
  • Tree climbing
  • Treasure hunts
  • Creating nature art 
  • Nature-based meditation (sit spot)
  • Tree planting
  • Foraging for wild foods
  • Cooking with edible weeds
  • Connecting with local Friends of Kororoit Creek Group
  • Familiarising with a safe route to the creek from school
Snapshots from the Firekeepers Outreach Program